Qadar started his GMFC journey as a participant on the Positive Lifestyles project, progressing on to playing for GMFC Cobham. Through his involvement Qadar showed an interest in coaching and showed positive commitment to volunteering over a period of time. His positive attitude and commitment meant that he was put forward to take his FA Level 1 qualification where he excelled and continued on his coaching pathway going from strength to strength working across the board at both GMFC and Bedhead FC.
Qadar - "Since working with GMFC I have been able to develop myself as a person further and interact with different people from all backgrounds, whom I may not have met otherwise, making friends for life" 
Chris started with GMFC as a 15 year year old with the Goal Getter Project playing for Bedhead FC. Chris suffers with Asperger, which is a form of autism. Aspergers can effect people in a number of different ways to varying degrees and sufferers usually struggle to interpret social situations or put what people say into proper context. During his time with us Chris made a noticeable improvements in his social skills, confidence,ability to understand appropriate behaviour as well as his football ability. Chris has since gone on to pass his Coaching and Refereeing qualifications. Academically he improved, going onto St.Marys University and is now president of the University Sports union.
Chris - "I didn't have any friends until someone told me about the Goal Getter project"
"I had difficulty picking up social cues and difficulty knowing what to do when I get things wrong"



Jack started his GMFC journey through out after school club at Harris Battersea, where he showed a passion to get involved with coaching citing Jose Mourinho as a massive inspiritation.
Jack then spent a week over the summer holidays where he then took it upon himself to Volunteer continuing to work with the GMFC Cobham team gaining a wider range of experience.
In a recognition of his achievement Jack was put on his Level1coaching badge and has been with Bedhead FC. In the last year Jack has grown dramatically as a coach with the support of staff at GMFC and is now on his Level 2 course.
Jack - “I feel that the work experience has helped me a lot as it has given me a deeper understanding of what is needed to be a good coach. Also I had learnt some skills that has helped my communication skills and has improved my motivation.”
Keshaun joined the GMFC Goal Getter Project at the age of 15 and was part of a very successful group who had the privilege of representing GMFC in Greece as well as winning the Surrey Cup at Under 17 age group. Alongside this Keshaun was given the opportunity to pass his Level 1 coaching badge and has since become a valued member of staff at Bedhead FC in paid employment. Outside of Football Keshaun has excelled in 6th form gaining a place at University with UCFB Wembley where he is completing his final year. He is also progressing well in his football and is currently signed to Semi-Professional side Molesey playing in the Isthmian League.
Keshaun - "The experience i've gained over years with GMFC from the trip to Greece to winning the Surrey cup final has given me the confidence and focus to achieve my goals. The support in my football and coaching pathways has helped me progress my passion whilst being able to further my studies at UCFB Wembley." 



Omar started his journey with GMFC at Harris academy where he was having difficulties, getting in trouble and at the point of permanently be excluded. Through the local Islamic Youth Group Omar was referred to us and built up a strong rapport with the coaches at the Winstanley estate session. Through this Omar has been an active participant in the extra curricular workshops and skills events hosted by ourselves and also our partner organisations. In these Omar has excelled and found the motivation to get himself back into mainstream education achieving good GCSE results allowing him to become a member of the Michail Antonio and GMFC Football education centre.
Omar - "I would not be where I am today without the help and support of GMFC"
-"Habib and Daren are encouraging and supportive. At times when you need help if you have any problems you can go to them and they will try sort it out"


Seyoum has been with us at GMFC for a number of years and first came to our attention on the Patmore Positive Lifestyles session where his individual tricks and flicks caught the eye of the coaches and he was put forward to play for GMFC Cobham in the Suburban reserve league. His success in the reserve side propelled Seyoum into first team opportunities. Seyoum excelled in his GCSE's and A Levels with numerous University offers. He is now a student at the GMFC and Michail Antonio Football education centre.
Seyoum - "Since I've been here I've learnt to be more responsible, Ive been given a senior role as student rep"
- "If I wasn't here I don't know where I'd be"

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