The MA Cup

What is The MA Cup?

The MA Cup is a competition which was created in 2018 and has the intention via the power of football to tackle today's challenges facing the youth in deprived areas of London. The MA Cup supports young talented players and provides a positive environment for them to develop and progress. 

Who will benefit from the MA Cup?

The MA Cup offers equal opportunities for all participants within the MA Cup - players, coaches, referees and staff. Also, football clubs who participate within the MA Cup will also be on a stage to develop and get the best out of their players as the Cup has a good level of competition.

Why does The MA Cup exist?

The MA Cup exists because we wants to bridge the gap between grassroots, semi-professional and professional football. Alongside the fact that as mentioned above - a number of equal opportunities are provided to a number of participants. 

What is next for the MA Cup?

We aim to have an increase in the participation levels within the Cup so that we can have a larger positive impact, this already has been taken into effect in the 2019-20 season as we have had 4 new teams join the Ma Cup. We strive to give support to all participants to allow them to go into a higher level of football, and an understanding of the wider career opportunities in the fantastic sport.