Thank You from Queens Manor

January 01, 2020

To whom it may concern,

We have been very fortunate to receive football coaching provisions provided by Bedhead Football Club, over the last 5 years.

The current coaches are friendly and professional and have a positive relationship with all the children in their care. They provide an outstanding quality of work.

Football after school sessions provide the children with an opportunity to work on their fitness levels with structured lessons provided by your coaches. These lessons are appreciated by both staff and parents. However, the most beneficial aspect of your coaches' involvement is the impact it has had on families who are on low income and our Special Needs Unit. All of our after school club without a financial worry. This has a positive impact on a child's self-esteem and confidence.

Finally to have a qualified coaches in to train children in the skills, rules and discipline involved with football, contributes to our school sporting ethos of fair play and following rules.

Thank you very much for all your involvement with Queen's Manor primary School and we sincerely hope to continue having your support in the future.

Alda Mendes

School Business Manager

Our Lady of Victory - What the kids say.

January 01, 2020

"I like the football team because we play amazing competitive football. We Haven't lost in 3 years and our coach Lee is very friendly and funny"

- Zachary Scott Benin - Yr 6 

"I've enjoyed playing for Bedhead because Lee (my coach) has taught me pretty much all my skills. In my school football team we have done so well thanks to Lee and he is really fun."

- Charles - Yr 6 

"Ive enjoyed playing football with Lee as our coach. He has helped us make it to the finals since 10 years. He has helped us a lot and is really good."

- Rayan - Yr 5

"I like to play football with the OLOV's league because we have a lot of matches and we always have fun. I also like it because I often have the opportunity to go in goal which is my favourite position.

Coach Lee is the best. He always brings us to St.Lukes to play football. He lets me have a header when we are having shots or some passing. He is superb and is a great coach."

- Henri S - Yr 5

"I enjoy playing with Bedhead FC because Lee is such a nice and good coach and has taught me to be a better and more advanced player"

-Lucas- Yr 6

"I really enjoy playing with Bedhead because Coach Lee is a really kind coach and teaches us a lot skills. In addition to this, I like it with Lee, because he himself is really good at football and makes me laugh every timeI see him. I mostly enjoy playing for the school. We have not lost a match at St.Lukes. Lee is proud of us as we got to the finals every year. I like it so much!"

- Maxi - Yr 6

Our Lady of Victory

January 01, 2020

Dear GMFC,

We have benefitted from, the support of the Guy Mascolo Football Charity and Bedhead Football Club for more than 6 years. Previous to their input we had many enthusiastic players but rarely won matches. With the fantastic coaching provided by Lee Simpson we are now one of the strongest teams in the local school boys league and last year we also fielded a girl's football team for the first time! The football after school clubs have extended to offer coaching to children from years 2 to 6 and is always one of our most popular clubs.

Lee also teaches football lessons as part of our PE provision. These are always of outstanding quality. He has high expectations of Children's behaviour and ensures that lessons are carried out safely, that children are attentive and working hard to learn skills. The Charity is 100% reliable, always prompt and professional.

The admin support at Bedhead has always been efficient.

Geraldine Morrison

Deputy Headteacher

Our Lady of Victories Catholic School

Raey Primary School

January 01, 2020

For the past three Raey Primary has worked alongside the Guy Mascolo Football Charity to offer a wide range of sporting activities for our pupils.


Myles Dunford, School's Coordinator is always there to help whether its finding new coaches to supporting with school fundraising. The charity currently run football, multi-sports and running for Raey. All coaches are of high quality, have excellent skills with the children and provide an excellent service.

This year we have been very lucky as he charity gas been able to provide our football teams with a new kit.

We are looking forward to a long partnership with the charity.


Caroline Andrews

Head Teacher   


January 01, 2020

Firstly I would like to thank you for all your involvement in the Get Active Battersea Festival 2017. Despite the weather, it was still a pleasure to see so many of you and so many families turn up. We will hopefully start planning for GAB 2018 early next year and would like to think you guys would all like to be involved so will keep you updated as that progresses.

Thank You All,

George Henry

Hand to Hand Foundation

January 03, 2023

To Guy Mascolo Football Charity,

Thank you so much for your support of footballs for the Thailand. These balls have helped in so many ways building relationship between kids from all different income groups and nationalities, We have taken the balls to many picnics and social gatherings and when our kids begin to play soccer other kids come to join them too. At this point language is not a barrier. They play together and this has been able to use the balls as part of our physical education program here at the centre too.

Thanks you so much for all your support.



Star Sports Academy Charity

May 28, 2023

Many Thanks for the recent donation of football kits and jackets. Your support will open many new opportunities for these kids as well as help develop their football skills. They are more motivated.

Coming year they will play in these beautiful football kits.

We look forward to work with the Guy Mascolo Football Charity in the future.

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